We are specialists for cross-border recruitment

Our goal is to minimise administrative, communication and mental stress connected with this area. We are an international team that consists of Czech and foreign professionals. We speak the language of both the employer and the candidate and we are capable of providing common language between the both parties.

We understand legal and administrative conditions

of cross-border recruitment. Thanks to this, we are capable of minimising deadlines to carry out the necessary administrative steps and the risk of a failure. We will watch all the processes for you. You can rely on our 100% support.

We know where to look for the suitable employment candidates.

We know the right communication channels and we have the right contacts in several countries of the Eastern Europe (CIS region / former USSR). We focus on segments with permanent lack of local specialists, from blue-collar up to highly specialised professions.

We help with the accommodation and provide basic acclimatization service.

We know what it’s like to exchange your country for another. Some of us have been through that as well. We are able to help and advise you on the issues of accommodation, transport and other elementary needs that are a not a matter of course for foreigners.

Our Services

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