Procurement of a suitable accommodation at the location of work
Transport to the place of work
Assistance in basic accommodative steps

Procurement of accommodation

Suitable accommodation is not only a basic necessity and assumption for a job well-done, but also an administrative condition for the candidate to obtain a visa. If it’s not within the possibilities of the employer, we will arrange suitable accommodation for the candidate along with a consent of the owner of the building with accommodation.

Transport to the place of work

We coordinate the transport to the workplace, or directly provide it. In case of a collective arrival, we proceed in such a way, so that it would take place periodically in agreed intervals. We usually provide support from the first Czech transport junction (a train station, for example), but it’s possible to agree upon coordinated transport directly from the home country.

Start-up support

If it’s necessary, we will provide the candidate with basic start-up support and we’ll help to navigate in local facts. These steps may include, for example, opening of a bank account, activation of a phone tariff or a simple orientation in the surroundings.

Exchanging the native country for another is a stressful experience. The foreign candidate usually needs support in obtaining a suitable accommodation and after the arrival transport to the place of their future employment. If necessary, All around Europe can take these issues on their shoulders.

We support the project – AMONG YOU

If one reaches en extraordinery success his profession, he deserves the admiration of his surroundings. All the more we admire the people who have achieved extraordinary success beyond their homeland.

“Between You” is the band of interviews with 30 Ukrainians, who during their stay in the Czech Republic managed to establish themselves among the leaders in their field. More about the project.