We’re looking at the right place and in the right way
We’ll arrange the entrance interview
We provide adequate warranties

Where do we look?

Our candidates come mostly from Ukraine, Belorussia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Moldova. But we’re also searching among foreigners, who are already located on the territory of the Czech Republic or EU.

To look for suitable candidates, we use public advertising channels, social networks and partner HR agencies in the given country. Their mix depends on the specific request and target territory.

How to communicate?

The issue of communication between the candidate and the employee is our responsibility. Almost every one of us speaks Czech and with one of the languages of the countries from which we provide job contacts. Thanks to an advanced technical equipment, we are capable of intermediating and translating the entrance interview both via video and audio. CV and other written documents are also translated if needed.

If you’d like to meet with the candidate in person, we’ll arrange a suitable place for the meeting abroad and we’ll help you organize
your journey. An alternative is also organization of a personal meeting at your workplace.


Not each candidate selection is a good choice. We provide adequate warranties for our services to the employer, which will lower the risk of a loss in case that the relation between the employer and the employee will not develop according to the ideas of one or both parties from the beginning.

A foreign employee is an opportunity for the enterprise. Foreigners have a greater motivation to work and make themselves of use. They’re more flexible and they often bring innovative practices to the workplace. All around Europe is here so that it would help you overcome issues, that this type of cooperation brings. We focus the attention especially on the fields that lack quality specialists.