Processing of forms and contracts
Translations and post
Representation before authorities based on a letter of attorney
Process monitoring and mistakes elimination

We save time, minimize risk

We proceed in such a way, so that the administrative burden on both the part of the candidate and the employer was minimized. Thanks to control procedures, we minimize the risk of a mistake and the time necessary to obtain the necessary permits. If possible, we take administrative steps on behalf of the employer or candidate. We can also provide the necessary support and contacts.


We’ll suggest the suitable visa alternative with respect to the required type of job title and the duration of the employment. We continuously inform both the employer and the candidate about the current phase of the process and about what comes next. We pre-fill the forms. We provide translations and post agenda.


We understand the recognition process (validation) of foreign education. In some professions, the candidate won’t do without it. We’ll guide the candidate through all the steps of the recognition process and we’ll minimize their costs and time that are associated with it. If it’s possible, we represent them before the authorities based on a letter of attorney.

Work legalization, residence permits, possible recognition of the necessary qualification and education are relatively complex processes that we have to count with in cross-border recruitment. All around Europe masters these issues both in knowledge and procedure.

We support the project – AMONG YOU

If one reaches en extraordinery success his profession, he deserves the admiration of his surroundings. All the more we admire the people who have achieved extraordinary success beyond their homeland.

“Between You” is the band of interviews with 30 Ukrainians, who during their stay in the Czech Republic managed to establish themselves among the leaders in their field. More about the project.